Rainow Church Fete

Saturday 21st July 2018

The Kerridge Climb, one of the main attractions of Rainow Fete. Starting from the Fete field, the race crosses the stream before winding its way up the side of Kerridge Hill, a short length along the ridge, before a steep descent back towards to finish line, located in the Main Arena.


Registration is required before entering, this can be done on the day itself.

For more information the Kerridge Climb, please contact Barbara Murray



Open to Juniors up to 15 years of age. (Entries under 11 years with parent’s consent)


Seniors 16 and over.

Jubilee Trophy awarded to First Home.

Oldfield Trophy awarded to First Local Home.

Forbes Trophy awarded to First Veteran Home.

WI Trophy awarded to First Lady Home.

Spearing Trophy awarded to First Local Lady Home.

For a full downloadable list of all runners over the last few years click here